Saturday, May 14, 2011

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Burning Bush

Reggie Bush has been all over the news these past couple weeks with his inopportune, and poorly timed tweets. Is this once prized athelete self-destructing, or is all this being blown out of proportion?

The once highly touted prospect from USC is on FIRE lately with his "comedic" tweets. Clearly someone hasn't told Bush he has millions of followers that scrutinize, and hang on his every tweet. Bush is a big time athlete, and still has all the potential in the world. He claims his tweets are a joke, but they sum up this athlete's current state of mind (see his tweets on the left side of the page).

While Drew Brees is paying for staff, condiments, and other expenses for teammates to meet at Tulane and hold voluntary unpaid workouts, Bush is busy tweeting about his "vacationing experience" during the NFL lockout. One would think with his recent injury problems, the backlash from media and fans, and his recent production on the field Bush would be motivated to right the ship. Instead, the drafting of Mark Ingram by the New Orleans Saints has apparently motivated Bush to kick back, relax, and rattle off temper tantrum comedic-style tweets aimed at the Saints, football, and whoever else gets in his way. Bush has all the physical tools to be an stud player in the NFL, but with the jury still out on him, and his dedication in question, Bush hasn't helped his case this off-season by turning into a comedic-angry tweeter who tweets with his heart, and not with his head.

I'm not accusing Bush of not working out, nor am I judging Bush as an athlete. All I'm saying is maybe Bush should think about what he tweets out to the millions of fans, news media members, and sports figures that follow him.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Unsung Hero

As the Mavs watch the remainder of the OKC-Memphis series, the feeling is this is the their year to make a title run. But what's different with this team then previous years? The Mavs have always been a force during the regular season only to get bounced in the NBA Playoffs without much resistance.

Sure Dirk is playing more physical as most analysts agree, but the real reason is Tyson Chandler. He is the difference maker for this team, and he brings toughness and physicality to this team, and it has a rippling effect on each player. From top to bottom, this roster feeds off of Tyson Chandler's energy. Offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds, and timely dunks that inject a shock of energy right into the heart of the Mavs is what Tyson Chandler brings night in and night out. His presence can't be denied, his attitude can't be overlooked, and his dominance can't be overshadowed by the plethora of superstars surrounding him on the Mavs roster. 
Heart and toughness is what Chandler brings to the Mavs roster
 This Mavs team has been embarrassed, and has been labeled, by many, as "choke artists" come playoff time in the previous years following their demise in the NBA Finals vs the Miami Heat. They have dominated the regular season, and crumbled like cookies in the playoffs. The roster is virtually the same as previous years, yet they have managed to sweep the 2-time defending champion LA Lakers, and managed to close out a series on the road in probably one of the hardest arena's to win a road game, The Rose Garden. When the Mavs gave up a 20+ point lead to Portland many people, including Dallas Mavs fans, said,"here we go again." However, this is a different Mavs team.

Whether it was in New Orleans with Chris Paul, or now in Dallas, Tyson Chandler has adapted to the players around him, and made them better. He is a gritty tough nose defender that works hard, and takes it upon himself to will his team to victory each rebound and hustle play at a time.While this is Dirk's train, Tyson seems to be engine, and the driving force for the Mavs. Tyson will be getting one hell of a payday, and rightfully so, at the close of this season. Expect Mark Cuban to reward the big man with a pretty lucrative deal. The scary part with Tyson is he is only 28, and seems to be getting healthy entering the prime of his career. Once thought as a bust drafted out of high school, Tyson Chandler has made a complete 180' and completely changed his image and perception. Ironically, the Mavs have seen their franchise make a turnaround since adding Tyson Chandler to their roster.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The End of an ERA Marks the Beginning of a Dynasty

As the Celtics big 3 hobbled around the court in pain Tuesday night, the flurry of young talent opposite them on the court was flourishing. Flashy dunks, explosive moves, and ear to ear smiles from the Heat players ignited the Miami crowd. The Miami Heat have quickly become one of the hottest teams in the NBA Playoffs, and after nearly 4 years of being the victims of Celtic beat downs Wade and Lebron have been waiting for this moment. Do the Celtics have anything left in the tank, or has their window closed?

I expect the Boston crowd to give the Celtics a boost in game 3, but where the series goes after that seems inevitable. Meanwhile, the Heat are gaining steam and now they look like the best team in the playoffs in their current form. The Celtics haven't given the Heat much resistance in this series, and instead of a passing of the torch type series this has become a sudden abrupt end of an ERA, and the emergence of a potential dynasty. With the Lakers, Spurs, and Celtics getting older, not much resistance in the East despite superstar filled teams, and arguably 3 of the top 15 (arguably 2 in the top 5) players in the NBA heading into their prime the Heat look poised to dominate the next decade.

I know this: dealing Kendrick Perkins near the deadline didn't help the Celtics cause, and they lost a HUGE piece in their championship puzzle. It hasn't been discussed that much in the media due to Perkins' recent injuries, and knee problems but they miss him in that locker room and on the court. Perkins is an old fashion gritty center who pours his heart into every defensive possession, and does the dirty work on offense setting screens, and getting offensive rebounds. While the move rid the Celtics of a center plagued with knee problems, and gave them some cap space it ultimately threw all chances of a title out the window. Which is unfortunate because it looks like Pierce, Garnett, and Allen (not as much as Pierce and Garnett) are on their way out after the performance in game 2.

Many will say: Watch out for the Bulls. But to that I will queue my inner Lee Corso, and say "not so fast my friend." While they had a nice regular season they really snuck up on everyone. I would expect them to come back down to Earth next year once they are targeted on everyone's radar. Boozer has yet to prove he can perform in the playoffs, and he is up to his non-sense again this year failing to show up in more games then not thus far. Rose is a stud PG, but I don't think the players around him are ready for the spotlight. Noah is tough, but not an elite center. He has to work extremely hard for his production due to his lack of basketball ability. He is tough, scrappy, and a blue chip worker but I don’t think he is a 20-10 center in this league. I think the Bulls are good, and have a solid team but I don’t think they can match up with the Heat.

Current starting roster/match-ups?

Bibby < Rose
Wade > Bogans
James > Deng
Bosh > Boozer
Big Z < Noah (Slight advantage, maybe?)

Overmatched. The bench is almost even, but the rotation the Heat have created is lethal. They bring in shooters to surround James while Wade and Bosh are the first to sub out. Then they bring Bosh and Wade in to relieve James and work an offense through them. As opposed to Chicago, who conventionally subs out their players before having a 2nd unit on the court while starters sit.